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Shower Leak Repairs Should Be Handled By Professional Plumbers

There are things that are better left to the pros. And plumbing leak in your shower may seem to be a DIY job but in reality, it can be more complex than it looks like. Depending where the leak originates, tiled shower wall may have to come out. That is pretty in-depth and it is not suggested to do without working with professional plumbers.

Let us talk on thing things that may be involved when doing shower repairs gold coast and why it is best left to the pros.

If for example that you are noticing water that runs out of the connection between the wall and the shower head, then this can be a simple fix of removing the shower head and replacing it with a new one. A bigger underlying issue involves when the leak is on the handles and there’s evident moisture behind the wall at the valve. Whenever there’s moisture behind the wall, it’s something that should not be ignored. Say that the valves and pipes reached the other side of wall and tiled wall itself is not damaged, it is possible to repair the leak on the back. Professional Shower Sealed plumbers know where to find these problems so by that, they can minimize the damage.

In the event that the wall is exposed to moisture at the back, then this could make the tiles on your shower walls to come lose. They might be knocked out and may call for a replacement on the drywall behind your tiles. If studs are wet, they should be dried out before you proceed. You should definitely contact your plumber to fix things ASAP before anything bad happens.

Now, say for example that you’ve got standing water surrounding the base exterior of your shower or tub, then there is a high possibility that you have water that gets through the wall, it could also be that the water is under the fixture and runs out or, there’s a crack around your drain or the bottom of your shower or tub. Mind you, replacing shower pans aren’t easy. The shower or tub bottom has to be removed and this will need you to break out some tiles. Read more facts about showers, go to

Shower pan liner is extending above the lip of shower or tub, to be able to keep moisture in. Having it replaced at the earliest possible time is crucial in order to avoid rotting studs and cause termites, rodents, mold or other infestation to manifest.

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